The DIY Guide On How To Install Metal Roof

Metal roofing systems have gained extreme popularity these days, which is why it is not surprising to know that more and more people are looking for videos and installation guides for metal roofing so they can learn how to install metal roofs by themselves. Metal is an excellent material for roofs, hence its growing popularity. By choosing the correct system, you can have a roof that can last forever. However, you have to pay for this kind of performance, because metal roofing cost is quite expensive. Nevertheless, with this price comes a really good quality, so if you are really interested in using this system, read this DIY guide on how to install metal roof.

The Necessary Tools For Metal Roof Installation

  • Metal sheets
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line
  • Rill
  • Step ladder
  • Extension ladder
  • Hammer
  • Metal sheet nails
  • Metal sheet cutting snips
  • Metal sheet screws

Instructions On How To Install A Metal Roof

1. For the first metal panel or sheet, put the metal sheet wood screws on over 2 feet on the center and inside the metal sheet. The second sheet should overlap the first, and if it is a V-crimp, the first crimp will overlap the sheet beneath. If it is an R-panel, the first ridge will overlap the ridge that has already been screwed in.

2. Pop the chalk line every 2 feet across the wood slat and use the metal sheet wood screws every 2 feet on the two sides of the metal sheet.

3. Continue along the roof slope until the last metal sheet. Screw in the last metal sheet by trimming or cutting where the ridge overlaps and meets closest to the row.

4. Install the lap screws on the two slopes.

5. Install the metal roof trimming every 2 inches with 0.5 inch metal sheet wood screws.

6. Install the closures by pushing them into the openings along the edge.

7. Screw the bottom of all metal sheets down.

8. Install the ridge and use 5/16 metal roof lap screws to screw down the ridge every 2 feet for the R-Panel, and 0.5 metal sheet wood screws for the V-crimp. The R-Panel should come with a foam enclosure that is similar to bottom enclosures to fill in the wide gaps at top of the metal sheets.

The End Result

See, it's not hard to learn how to install metal roof. After you've performed all the steps given steps above, you've just installed yourself a really good metal roof. You may now enjoy the benefits of a metal roof, such as its style, durability, and it’s fireproof properties. If you are after aesthetic factors, you don’t have anything to worry about, because metal roofs are now available in different types of metal materials such as aluminum, copper, zinc, polymer, steel, and tin, each providing a distinctive aesthetic touch giving you the freedom to design them to suit your preference and different roof styles.